New Product Announcement: Stickers!

New Product Announcement: Stickers!

2 years ago News 1min read

At Commission Creative, we are always looking for ways we can help you fundraise better. We had a few customers ask about designing and printing presentation folders, and that got us thinking.

We love the idea, but the printing alone for these is pretty high for the quantity that you’d need without any design work. We thought to ourselves, how about stickers for presentation folders?

And voila, a new use for a childhood favorite! The business card-sized stickers are a perfect compliment to give those plain presentation folders a custom look and feel.

These stickers are versatile and can be used for many things such as sprucing up your presentation folders, labeling the box you carry your prayer cards in, or letting your kids play with a few on that final hour of the road trip. Many people like to decorate their laptops, water bottles, etc. with stickers. It’s a way for them to always remember you and be reminded to pray for you.

Our stickers are 2″ x 3.5″ and are made out of vinyl. These long-lasting items are sure to catch the eye of your next pastor or financial supporter, all while helping you look professional and organized.

What creative way can you come up with to use your stickers? Let us know in the comments!

Rebecca Foltz
Rebecca has been a designer with Commission Creative since March 2020. She grew up on the mission field in Central America and is excited to help missionaries reach their financial and fundraising goals! Rebecca graduated from Southwest Baptist University with a degree in Commercial Art and a minor in Writing.