New Product Announcement: Social Media Campaign!

New Product Announcement: Social Media Campaign!

2 years ago News and Fundraising Tools 1min read

The past two years have forced a lot of people to move their fundraising online and depend on social media to reach potential financial supporters. Online itineration has become more of the norm, and some missionaries may even prefer it. But what on earth do you post to get people’s attention?

Commission Creative wants to help answer the question by creating a social media campaign for you! This new product includes three images to post along with three matching images to use in your story. The posts fit perfectly for Facebook and Instagram’s square frames! They are sure to catch anyone’s eye as they scroll through their media feed. And once you have their attention, you can share your story, your fundraising goal, or your next speaking engagement announcement.

We have two suggestions on how to use the social media campaign product:

  1. Itineration Announcement: Let your supporters and pastors know that you’ll start itinerating soon and are looking to book services with them!
  2. Fundraising Push: You’re so close to reaching your financial goal and being able to head to the mission field. One final push is all you need. You just need the right people to find out about your ministry.

Of course, these are just a few ideas on how to use this product. The social media campaign can be designed and tailored to fit your needs, whatever they may be. Our professional social media posts are sure to make your feed shine and convey your message.

What sort of campaign would you use the posts for? Comment your answer below!

Rebecca Foltz
Rebecca has been a designer with Commission Creative since March 2020. She grew up on the mission field in Central America and is excited to help missionaries reach their financial and fundraising goals! Rebecca graduated from Southwest Baptist University with a degree in Commercial Art and a minor in Writing.