Meet Our 2018 MK Scholarship Recipient

Meet Our 2018 MK Scholarship Recipient

5 years ago News 1min read

MK Alumni Visual Communications Scholarship

Each year, in cooperation with ISMK, we award a $1,000 scholarship to an AG MK studying in fields such as graphic design, mass media, or film. This year we’re happy to announce our winner.

And The Winner is…

Francesca Panzanella, who has lived in Honduras and Costa Rica.

She is attending Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, TX and is and Majoring in Digital Media with a Minor in Missions.

Once we found out Francesca was winner we had select, we found some old prayer card photos from her families prayer cards in our files, but we won’t post those here 🙂

Her project submission that went along with her essay is a photo she took of ruins of the first Catholic in Costa Rica. It was built between 1681-1693. It is the featured image for this post.

We wish Francesca the best in her studies and were excited to see her use her talents to impact the Kingdom.

A big THANK YOU to our awesome customers and ISMK who help make this scholarship possible. Learn more about the scholarship at