MailChimp Subscribe: A Mobile Email Collector

6 years ago Fundraising Tools and Donor Relations 2min read

One question that came up recently from one of our customers was:

Do you know of any easy way to capture email addresses or have people subscribe to our newsletter when we talk to them after services? When they write down the address it is often hard to read later and we miss out on the connection.

We had the same problem when hosting lunch events or at our booth during conventions where it’s critical to gather email addresses for following up. We would occasionally misread or misenter a few emails on the list and miss out on the opportunity to connect with them.

Recently we heard that MailChimp launched a new app that is a perfect solution for this problem. It’s called MailChimp Subscribe. It’s an app you can install on your tablet that allows people to join your MailChimp list for updates right at your display table.

Side note, I absolutely love using MailChimp. We use it for all of our email marketing to customers and we also design and set up our Custom Email Template product in our customers’ accounts. They even sent me my own Freddie as a customer gift last year.

If you’re not using MailChimp already, read this article on what you’re missing out on.

The app is available for iOS and Android. It’s very easy to install, add your list, customize the signup form, and start collecting email addresses at your next service. I was able to easily setup and customize this signup form in the app.

A screenshot of the signup form after some simple customizations.

A very nice feature is that the signup form works even when your iPad isn’t connected to the internet. Once you’re iPad has connected to wifi again, the app pushes your new subscribers to your list. Subscribers are added directly to the list you select so you don’t have to worry about re-entering the email address incorrectly or not being able to read illegible handwriting.

Ready to try it out?

  1. Download MailChimp Subscribe.
  2. Open the app and login with your MailChimp account.
  3. Create a new list or select an existing list to use for signups.
  4. Customize the signup form with a background photo, an image (the front image of your prayer card, a little content, and some color and font changes.
  5. Load the app and set out your device at your next service or missions convention.

Are you using Subscribe? If so, let us know if it has been useful for you. If you aren’t using MailChimp for sending newsletters, check out our Custom Email Template.