Happy 17th Birthday To Us

Happy 17th Birthday To Us

3 years ago News 1min read

This month we are celebrating Commission Creative’s 17th year in business. ? ? ?

First off, thank you to ALL of our customers and partner organizations for your support of our business over the years. It means so much to our team that you trust us with designing materials for your ministry. We love having a small part in helping you raise support and ultimately sharing the Gospel all over the world.

What was happening in 2003 when we launched the business? Here are a few highlights from the year to jog your memory. Nokia phones were the popular mobile device, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, & Lebron James was a rookie in the NBA.

We started as Missions Linked in 2003 and changed to our current name in 2016. Here’s what our website looked like back then and an early flyer design from 2004. ?

MissionsLinked.com Homepage circa late 2003
Missions Linked flyer circa early 2004

Team Celebration

Since we have been working remotely since March of this year, we weren’t able to celebrate in person as a team, so we had a virtual celebration. Like we have all learned over the past several months, the experience of being together in person is unmatched, especially when it comes to cake.

To celebrate Commission Creative in its’ late teens, we’re offering 17% off all orders through November 6th with the coupon code HBD17. Head over to our online store to use the coupon.

Leave us a comment on what year you ordered your first prayer card from us. We probably still have your first design on file. ?