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5 Typeface Faux Pas

3 years ago Design Tips 1min read

When creating a presentation for a church, working on your newsletter, or typing a letter to a pastor, it’s probably your habit to use some of the all-familiar, pre-installed fonts on your computer. Typefaces such as Arial, Times Roman, and…

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GoYeThere Podcast - Episode 2

3 years ago News and Design Tips < 1min read

Jason and I had the privilege of being on a segment of the GoYeThere podcast, a weekly podcast specifically for missionaries hosted by Leland Johnson. Listen to the episode below. Thanks to Leeland for having us on and for publishing…

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Aaron Van Gorp
Managing Director at Commission Creative. I was an MK to Belgium in the late 90s, so I'm always craving frites, Liége waffles, and dark chocolate while watching fûtbol.