2020 Scholarship Winner Announced

2020 Scholarship Winner Announced

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It is scholarship season! We are excited to announce this years’ winner of our MK Alumni Visual Communications Scholarship.

? Drumroll…

Congratulations to Elliott Mann, an MK since he was six years old who grew up in Botswana and went to boarding school in Kenya.

Each applicant submits some type of art or media project with an essay. Below is Elliott’s art submission. Elliott provided some content for the piece.

The painting is a traditional ‘trompe l’œil’ – “fool the eye” in French. The purpose of a trompe l’œil is to fool the viewer into believing the image is in fact real as if one could touch the objects.

It also acts as a commentary on the relationship between France and post-colonial African nations. The relation is suggested through the French motto “liberté, egalité, fraternité,” and the presence of the African continent ornament. The carabiner implies the history of African enslavement at the hand of western nations and still speaks to the longstanding effects of their enslavement that can be seen today. The matches suggest some form of rebellion or indignation, that the relationship will “go up in flames.”

A photo of a painting Elliott’s created and submitted as part of the scholarship application.

Elliott is in his senior year at Evangel Unversity and is and Majoring in Art Education with a Minor in French. I had the chance to meet him for coffee at our office and talk more about his plans after graduation.

He is considering teaching locally to get some experience and then ultimately wants to become a missionary to serve with the Live Dead initiative. We are praying for Elliott and wish him all the best in as he finishes school in the Spring of 2021.

About the MK Alumni Visual Communications Scholarship

Each year, in cooperation with ISMK, we award a $1,000 scholarship to an Assemblies of God MK studying in fields such as graphic design, mass media, or film.